Social Inbox

The social inbox allows you to monitor all of your social updates under one roof, so you can respond to your customers more efficiently and build your audience faster.

To see your social inbox in the Evergreen dashboard, click on “Social” in the left navigation, and then click on the “Inbox” option.

The social media networks that you have connected will appear with a green check mark in the “filters” section on the left of the social inbox screen. The networks that you have not yet connected will appear in grey, with a link that allows you to click to connect. You can click on any of the filters to show and hide updates from that network.

The main “inbox” section in the center is where you will see all of your updates from the networks you have selected. Simply click on an item in the inbox to view all of the information about that update in the details section on the right.

Here is the full list of social media updates that the social inbox currently supports:

  • All of your posts for every account you connect.
  • Comments on any of your posts will cause that post to show up at the top of the inbox
  • Twitter mentions
  • Usage of your instagram hashtag (if you have entered one in social settings)
  • When someone tags a post at your location on Instagram
  • When someone tags your account in a post on Facebook
  • Posts on your Facebook timeline
  • Facebook reviews
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Google Reviews