Instagram #Hashtag on Digital Board

The Instagram tools in Evergreen allow you to choose a hashtag and show posts on your digital board that use that hashtag. This is a great way to engage with your customers and gain more marketing exposure when they share pictures using your branded hashtag.

First go to the social settings page in the Evergreen dashboard. You should see an option under Instagram Settings to enter a Digital Board Hashtag. Enter the hashtag that you want to monitor for posts to appear on your digital board. Go to the Digital Menu page in the dashboard and click on the Promotions tab. Add in an Instagram promotion by clicking the button on the right. 

You’re all set, photos posted using the hashtag you select should now appear on your digital board. Evergreen will automatically monitor for negative photos and those will appear in the Social Monitoring page in the dashboard. You can mark posts as positive from this page so that they will then show on your board.

There is also a feed of posts using your hashtag in the Instagram Media page of the dashboard. This shows you all of the positive photos posted using your hashtag, you can mark any of them for removal from your digital board if you wish or like and comment on them as well.