Instagram Account Score

The Instagram Dashboard gives you an overview of a few different parts of your Instagram account. This is helpful for keeping an eye on Instagram without having to leave your dashboard. 

The Instagram Account Score feature allows you to get a snapshot of the health of your account in a quick glance! 

Your Account Score indicates how successful your Instagram account is and is calculated on your post frequency, use of hashtags, number of likes at your location, and overall number of followers. The score is based on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the highest. The more that you work to increase these metrics, the higher your score gets! Start posting to start increasing your score today!


This section shows you a graph of your Instagram followers so that you can quickly understand your follower growth over the past few months. This will start to show data from when you first connect your Instagram account to the dashboard. 

Recent Posts

The Recent Posts section shows you your most recent posts to Instagram, as well as how many likes and comments each post has received. This gives you a view into how your posts are performing, and allows you to sort by date posted, most liked, or most commented post so that you can quickly see which posts are performing the best. 

Recent Photos at Your Location

This section shows you recent photos that were tagged at your geolocation on Instagram. People will often tag their photos as being taken at your business, and keeping up to date on these posts is a great way to engage with customers.

Recent Photos Tagged With #hashtag

This section shows you posts that were tagged with the hashtag that you have specified in the Social Settings page of your dashboard. This should be a hashtag that is specific to your company so that you can keep track of customers of yours who use your hashtag.