Facebook Fan Page Tab

** You must be an administrator of your Facebook business page to turn these tools on**

Before you do anything, make sure you're logged out of Facebook on your computer and the information you're using to log into Facebook with has admin level access. 

-  Log into your dashboard and go to your "social settings" tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

- To add the "Facebook Fan Page Tab" click on the button below and log in with your Facebook information. Follow the prompts and when you're done, it should direct you back to your dashboard. 

- Once connected, you will need to select a drink menu that you'd like to show on your Facebook page. 

- To create a new menu for your Facebook page, click on the Website Menu tab in your dashboard and build a new menu showing all the info you'd like to have on your Facebook page. How to move your beer list on your Facebook page

1. Log into your Facebook business page.

2. On the “Timeline” tab of your Facebook page, the menu tab may be located under the "Manage Tabs" tab. Click on this option.

3. Click on the menu section and drag and drop your beer list where ever you'd like to see it. 

Rename your menu tab on Facebook

1. Make sure you on are the timeline tab of your Facebook page and click "SETTINGS" in the upper corner.

2. Click the "APPS" tab on the toolbar. 

3. Locate the Evergreen/TapHunter APP and click "Edit". This will allow you to change the name of the beer list. We suggest using something like "Menu" to make it clear to potential customers. 

4. Click "Save" or "Done" and that's it!