Social Post Composer

The Social Post Composer tool helps you post updates from your dashboard to your Facebook and/or business accounts. This can help you post menu updates and any other social posts that you'd like to make more easily.

Make sure you are logged out of your Facebook page before turning this tool on. You will need to login to your Facebook account through the dashboard in order to grant us permission to access your location’s business page.

Go to the Social Settings page in the left navigation of the dashboard, then click on the blue Grant Facebook Permissions button. You will log in with your personal Facebook account, which will then grant the dashboard access to any Facebook business pages that you are administrator for.

Once you have logged in to Facebook, select the page that you would like to connect to from the dropdown. 

Once you have connected, you should see a green checkmark above the name of the page that you have connected. You can change the "Post Template" text to say whatever you would like, this will be used when to help you post about your menu updates (don't change the text that says "%%items%%" or this will not work correctly). 

When you update any of your menu lists in the dashboard, the Post to Social button located in the header of the dashboard will indicate how many menu items you have added but not yet posted about. If you click on that link, you will be taken to social post composer. 

You can also click on the Post to Social link in the left navigation of the dashboard under Social Media and this will also take you to the social post composer. 

The first thing you will see in the social post composer is the Suggested Posts section. This section gives you the ability to copy the text of any of the available suggested posts to then paste into the message box lower on the page. These suggested posts help to give you ideas about what to post on social media, including recent changes to your menu, upcoming events, upcoming holidays, and post ideas depending on what day of the week it is. 

Under the suggested posts section is the main area of the post composer. In this area you can enter the text for your post, choose which networks to share it on, select images to share or upload your own images, and schedule your post for later or post it immediately.