Manage Your Team

The Manage Your Team feature makes it easy for you to maintain multiple logins for Evergreen with different levels of access. This is ideal for teams who want to allow many different employees to update Evergreen and also allows you to give different team members access to only the things they need to update.

First click on the dropdown in the upper right corner of the dashboard and select “Manage Your Team”

From the Manage Your Team page, you can add new users to manage this location, edit existing users who already manage this location, or change what each access level has permission to access. 

If you click on the Add New User button, you will be taken to a page to enter information about your new user and create their login. This is where you select which access level this user will be in (you can always edit this for any user also). Once you create the new user account, the new user will receive an email at the address you have entered for their account. 

If you click on “Modify” in the access levels section on the right you can adjust which features the different access levels are allowed to edit.

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