Digital Menu Manager Page

The digital menu manager page is your home base for managing your digital menu(s) with Evergreen. From the digital menu manager page you can see a summary of all of your digital menus and edit or preview them as needed.

To get to the digital menu manager page, click the "digital menu" link in the left navigation.

The first section that you will see on the page is titled Manage Your Digital Menu Devices. The main controls on this page are:

1. Edit Design: If you are using the advanced builder for your digital menu (which is the default) clicking this button will launch the advanced digital menu builder to allow you to edit the menu design and layout. If you are instead using a basic template you will be taken to the basic editor to manage your menu layout and design. 

2. Preview Below: This button will show a preview of that digital menu in the Menu Preview area lower on the page. 

3. Downgrade to Basic Template: This will change your digital menu to use a basic template instead of the advanced menu builder. Basic templates offer fewer customization options than the advanced builder. 

4. Add to Device Group: This allows you to group together multiple digital menus to evenly distribute the menu items across all of the screens in the group. If you group digital menus together you will lose the ability to select how many items display on each screen because the menu will automatically show the same number of items across all of your screens. 

At the bottom of the page you will see the Menu Preview section, which will show you a preview of your digital menu.