Trouble with the Facebook Composer Tool

So you're having trouble connecting the Facebook Post Composer tool to your Facebook account. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue. Facebook is a fast moving company and they push new updates frequently. We're working hard to keep our system compliant with them, but if these steps do not work, please email us at

  • Make sure you're logged out of Facebook on every tab or window on your computer

  • Go to the social settings page in the dashboard

  • Go to the Facebook settings section and log in with your Facebook login. ( Make sure you have admin level access or this will not work).

  • Agree to all the permissions to authenticate your Facebook account.

  • Once you're redirected back to the dashboard, select which Facebook business page to connect to your dashboard and this will be set up.

Nothing will happen until the next time you add a menu item. To test this try adding a new item as a test to see if it prompts you to post to FB. You will see the Post to Social button at the top of the screen indicate that you have a new item to post about to your Facebook page.

Getting logged out of Facebook frequently?

Facebook considers us an "alcohol-related" app and because of this, a user who connects their Facebook account to their dashboard needs to have their birthday and geographic location in their Facebook profile. These do not need to be public or shared with our company but merely present in your profile so that Facebook can verify that you are of legal drinking age in your location. Below is a screenshot of where to add this information in Facebook. If this information is not added to your Facebook profile, your authentication between Facebook and TapHunter expires every few hours.

Just as you check your patrons' IDs, Facebook checks its users' IDs before showing alcohol-related material.