Add Beers and Beer Information

How to Add Beers Into Your Dashboard

Select whether you'd like to add beer on Tap/Cask or in Bottle/Can by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the beer list screen. Once you select the correct tab, you have the option of adding beers individually or in bulk.

For locations with multiple bars under one roof, we also offer multiple lists. An example of this would be "front bar & back bar". Make sure to select the correct list before editing your beverage menus. 

*If your location has multiple bars with different beer lists, please reach out to our team at and we will set up multiple lists for your account. 

Adding Beers Individually

To add a beer individually, begin typing the beer or brewery name into the search bar and select the beer from the box on the right-hand side. (ex: Pliny the Elder) Information like ABV, IBU and style descriptions will already be in the database. If it's missing you can always add it by clicking on the "set info" button at the end of the beer you'd like to adjust.  If you cannot find the beer or brewery in our database, click the “Add a new one” button to add that beer into the database.

Adding Beers in Bulk

To bulk add beers, enter the beer names in the box. Enter one beer per line and include only the brewery and beer name (ex. Coronado Islander). If you include ABV, price or name abbreviations the system will not recognize these beers. The tools can process hundreds at a time so add away.

Any beer that our system doesn't recognize will turn red and stay behind you can then add them one by one afterwards.

What if a Beer is Not in the Database? 

If you find that a beer you're trying to add is not in our database, don't sweat it, you can add it in a couple seconds. Underneath the search box where you normally search for the beer, click on the button called "Add a new one". From here, you can add a new brewery or beer directly into the database. 

Once you click "Add a new one", our system will ask you for the new beer info including the beer logo (optional). If the brewery you're looking to add is also not in our database, you will have to add this first. Click on the blue field to add this info. Once you've added the new brewery, add the new beer info and click save. This beer will then be added to our database forever and the new beer will be added to your live beer list. 

Beer Descriptions

Every Beer in our system already has a description. If it’s not from the brewery, it will default to a description of the beer style. If you would like to add your own personal description, follow the instructions below.

Click on the description box next to the beer you'd like to adjust.

To set a short description, long description, or food pairing, click the icon to the right of the beer name. Short descriptions are limited to 140 characters to help make these descriptions short and sweet. 

To adjust the beer style, ABV or IBU, click on the Set Info button.

Enter the info you'd like to adjust and hit "save".

Copying Beers

If you run multiple locations that all carry the same beer you don't have to add it in over and over again. You have the ability copy and paste beers to any account you have access to. This can only be done from a master login.

Step 1: Check the beer(s) that you'd like to copy and paste
Step 2: Use the "action button" and select "copy to other locations". This will allow you to select what location these beers will paste to. 

Deleting Beers

Just like adding beers, you have the ability to either delete individually or in bulk. To delete beers individually from your Tap/Cask or Bottle/Can list, simply click the delete icon (red X) to the right of the beer. If you're on the "plus" plan, you have the option to move that beer to the on deck list or replace it with something that's lined up next.

To delete beers in bulk, simply select the box to the left of the beer, then click “Delete Checked Beers” under the Action tab.

Flagging Beverages

If you see a duplicate or misspelled beverage in our database you can flag these out for moderation from the Evergreen team. Click on the flag icon when you search for a beverage and select what you'd like to do.

Beer Timer Icon

See how long your beer has been on your list with the beer timer icon. Hover your cursor over the clock icon and see when you added this beer. If this is a beer you always carry and you want to refresh your timer, simply delete said beer and re-add it. The counter will start over once it's added again. 

Refresh List Date

Are you rotating your beverages on a longer interval or maybe even quarterly? Do you still want your customers to know that you list is fresh and the beer is still available? Use the new "Refresh List Date" button in your beer list section.  

This new button refreshes the date your menu was last updated and lets customers know your selection is fresh. 

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