Digital Menu Builder

The digital menu builder allows you to customize your digital menu in a ton of different ways in order to meet your needs. Below we will break down how this works and what options are available for you to edit in the digital menu builder. 

Getting Started

Start by clicking on the digital menu tab in your dashboard, this will take you to the Digital Menu Manager screen. Then click the Edit Design button to edit your digital menu. 

Once the builder loads, use the scrolling option on the   left-hand  side to adjust and set different options. There are many options available to change, including how many items you want to display on each screen, how to group and sort your menu, and what fonts to use as well as what color you'd like each one to be. 

When you're happy with your new design, make sure to "publish" your board by clicking the publish button at the top of the screen.

If you want to experiment with different looking designs or create a special design for an event or other occasion, you can click the "Save as preset" button to save your current design. This will save the settings that you currently have so you can change them to something different but still come back to that saved design in the future. 

Do you need a little help getting started or maybe don't know what colors and background look good together? Start off with one of our preset designs "Select Preset" in the advanced builder. Select a design and use it as the foundation for your new menu. You can still adjust everything, we just wanted you to start off on the right foot. 

The "Advanced" tab gives you control over a few key areas that you might want to edit. This includes the ability to change what the headers of your menu say (by default they have a title that describes what kind of menu it is, like "Beer" or "Wine"). You can also filter out certain menu items in this advanced section.