Understanding Your Digital Display Hardware Device

This is a breakdown explaining the hardware device that is used to power your digital display. 

Once your device is set up, it will automatically check for updates to your digital display every few minutes as long as you have an internet connection (if your internet connection is interrupted the display will still work, but will only be able to update when you regain your internet connection). This means that after setup, all you'll need to do is make updates in your dashboard and your menu will automatically update within a few minutes (5 minutes or less). 

Before plugging your device in, let's run through how your device works and make sure everything is plugged into the right slot. 

1. First, double check that the SD card is correctly in place. Our team should have programmed and inserted the SD card for you before shipping out your device. 

2. Double check that the power cord is plugged in and the HDMI cord is attached securely.

3. These USB inputs are where you can plug in a mouse & keyboard to help connect the device to the internet. If you experience any WiFi connection issues, To troubleshoot WiFi connectivity issues you can read about how to fix WiFi connectivity issues here. There is also an ethernet input if you choose to plug in your device directly to your internet router instead of using WiFi. 

Having Trouble with Your Device? 

Check out our hardware troubleshooting documentation.

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