Promote and Manage Upcoming (On Deck) Beers

In addition to your beer list, you have the option of creating “On Deck” lists. This option helps you alert your customers and employees what beers will be available next. It also allows for quicker tap list updates. To do this, go to the On Deck List tab and search and add a beer the same way you would in your Beer List. 

You have the option of adding multiple On Deck lists to prepare for events such as Tap Takeovers. To do this, click the "+ New on deck list" button under your controls. You may then name the list and choose whether it is public or private. Public lists will have a URL attached for pre-promotion. 

In order to swap an On Deck list with your current beer list, follow these steps: (1) Select the beers you want to swap on your current beer list; (2) Click the action button in the top left corner of your current beer list and move to an on deck list; (3) Go to your On Deck list that you want to make available and select the action button and click Available.



You can also use the On Deck tool to help get organized by numbering your taps on deck. To do this, switch the Tap Numbers tab ON under controls. The on deck feature also allows you to set the date available.