Manage the Beer List Controls

Below we'll talk through the different controls at the top of the beer list and on deck list pages in the dashboard. 

Tap Numbers

Turning on Tap Numbers allows you to number every beer that you add to your list. To turn on this control, click the "OFF" button to right of "Tap Numbers".


All beers will automatically be categorized in our system by style. If you organize your beers using your own customized categories, turn on categories by clicking the "OFF" button to the right of "Categories".

When you turn on categories, this screen will appear where you can type in the name of your categories. Order them to your liking in the box to the left.

Multiple Pour Sizes

This control is for businesses that pour the same beers in multiple sizes. An example would be if you offer half and full pours of beer. To turn this control on, click the "OFF" button to the right of "Multiple Pour Sizes". The screen to the left will appear with a long list of pour size options (this list is partially cut off). Select the sizes you offer and change the order in the box to the right. 

*NOTE: If you offer a pour size that is not in the list, we can add that to our system for you. Just contact to request this new pour size.

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