Add Beer Pricing

Normal Beer Pricing

If you are not using multiple pour sizes, the pricing for beer will appear with all other beer info in the "Current Beer List" section. Click on "Pour Size" for the pour size options to drop down (the list in the image below is partially cut off). Select the correct size and enter price to the right.

Multiple Pour Sizes Beer Pricing

If you pour the same beer in multiple sizes, turn on the multiple pour sizes control

and a new tab will appear in the top right corner of the "Current Beer List" section (notice the tap info tab and the pricing tab). Click on the pricing tab and the pour sizes you have selected will appear for each beer. Enter the prices accordingly. 
Note: If you don't pour every beer in every size, leave the prices blank for the ones that do not apply and those size options will not appear for those beers on your menus. See below.

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