Adjusting Fonts on Print Menus

Print menus in Evergreen offer many flexible features to meet your needs, and one important part of editing a print menu is selecting and editing fonts. Below we’ll break down the different options available for selecting and adjusting fonts on the Print Menu Builder (there are some legacy print menu types, but the Print Menu Builder is the preferred type and the only one discussed in this article).

Different types of font and what they control - There are a few different types of font on print menus and each controls a different section of the print menu.

Header Font: The Header font controls any open text field set to be the type “Header” on your menu. This can include the header at the top of the menu or any header on the menu set to that type.

Subheading Font:  The Subheading font controls any open text field set to be the type “Subheader” on your menu. Typically subheadings are used as the header for each section of your menu (Beer List, Spirits List, etc.).

Category Header Font: The category header font specifically controls the header that displays for categories on your print menu. These categories are either your custom categories or the style categories, whichever you select to display on your menu.

Beverage Name Font: This controls the font for the name of each item on your print menu. 

Beverage Details Font: The beverage details font controls just about everything else that the other font types do not. This includes the beverage name, the beverage style, and other information about the beverage like ABV, IBU, style, etc. The normal font also controls the beverage description, however the description font will always be italic and slightly smaller than the beverage name.

Here is an example showing the different font types.

Selecting a Font, size, and color

There are drop-downs next to each font type to select the font, size, and color that you’d like to use for that type. Simply click the dropdown and select the option that you want to use from the list. One important note is that the color for the normal font will only change the beverage name color, and the size of the description will always be slightly smaller than the beverage name and details.

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