Adding a Custom Background to Your Print Menu

While working in the print menu builder there is an option to upload a background image. Below you will find some useful details on correct image sizing, resolution, and format for the images you upload.

Image Sizing

Depending on what paper size you use to print and how you want your image to show up, you’ll want to be careful about what size image you upload.

If you want your image to display the full size of the menu, make sure that the dimensions of your image are the same as the menu size you’ve selected. To figure out the correct size, all you need to do is take the size of the paper and multiply the dimensions by the resolution that you’ll need (at least 150 DPI, 300 is preferred). For example, if you are printing on 8.5x11’’ paper and want to upload a full-size background image at 300DPI, you multiply the paper size to arrive at the correct dimensions, which are 2,550x3,300 (to get to that number we multiplied 8.5x300 which equals 2,550 and then 11x300 which equals 3,300). 

Image Resolution

To upload a print menu background image that looks high quality, you’ll want to make sure that the image has a high enough resolution. Recommended image resolutions are listed below: 

Minimum Recommended Resolution: 150 DPI

Ideal Recommended Resolution: 300 DPI

Preferred Image Format

The recommended format to use for a print menu background image is JPG. Other image formats may work correctly, but using a JPG image will produce the best possible results. 

Ex. Full Page Image

Ex. Semi Full Page Image

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