Troubleshooting Network Issues

NOTE: If you are specifically troubleshooting WiFi issues with your digital drink menu, read this first.

In some cases, we have seen networking issues at bars and restaurants accessing our website, which can make updating your beverage list a challenge. This specifically happens when our website in particular is not accessible but the rest of the internet (,, etc.) is accessible. In the past, we have seen these issues when bar managers or our digital menu hardware is connected to a network that has a "firewall" installed for the point of sale (POS) system. This firewall in some rare cases will block access to our site.

It is possible to contact your POS vendor or firewall/network administrator and get our web address ( "whitelisted" which will specifically allow you to access our website. Sometimes POS systems have a separate non-firewalled network. Some POS systems will also allow you to self-administer the firewall. A knowledgable network administrator should be able to help you. Another alternative is to connect on a different WiFi network. 

Identifying the problem

The easiest way to identify the problem is by using a phone or tablet off of WiFi. While connected on the WiFi network, verify that you cannot connect to our website. If you turn off WiFi and use the cellular network, verify that you can connect to our site. If that is the case, then you know that there's something preventing you from visiting the site on that WiFi network. These types of problems cannot be administered by our company as they require knowledge of how your network is setup and should be handled by your security professional. Find a person knowledgable about network administration to help you.