Integrate Evergreen With Your POS

Below are the steps for adding an item from Evergreen to your POS. This process saves time by eliminating the extra step of having to add an item to your POS and then separately adding that item again into your dashboard.

Supported POS Platforms: 

  • Square 
  • Lavu
  • Clover

1. From the POS management screen in your dashboard, you can link your location's POS to your Evergreen account.

2. From any beverage list tab (Beer, On Deck, Spirits, Wine, Cocktail, Non-Alcoholic) you can select multiple items, use the "action" button, and add new items to your POS by using the "Create item(s) in POS" option.

3. Once you've selected the beverages that you'd like to copy into your POS, follow the steps above to  "Create an item in POS". The pop-up window below will give you the option to select a POS category to copy these items into. At least one price is required for item to be created in your POS, if that item does not have a price in your TapHunter dashboard you will see a red error message (shown below) and you will need to close the popup and add a price to that beverage before you can add the item to your POS.

4. Items that have been successfully copied are marked and cannot be copied again.

5. Any item that has been successfully copied will now have a shopping cart icon next to the beverage name. This will help you easily see and remember which items have been added to your POS.

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