Two-Sided Printing

Printing a double-sided menu can be a great way to save on paper and also make menus more easily accessible for your customers. Below we'll break down how you can print two-sided menus.

Note: Your printer needs to support duplex (two-sided) printing, check the manufacturer information on your printer to see whether it supports this (usually the printer will have the letter "D" somewhere in the model name if so)


First download the menu pdf to your computer. Next, open the PDF using Adobe Reader (you can download a free version of this from Adobe). Click on the printer icon or File > Print. In the print dialog screen, click on the option for "booklet" and then select "Both Sides" under the "Booklet subset" option. 


To print a two-sided menu on a Mac, first download menu pdf to your computer. Next, open the pdf using the built in Preview application. In the print dialog screen, check the checkbox that says "Two-Sided." 

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