Single Beverage Print Menus

Some of our print menu options are made specifically for single types of beverages, like beer or wine. Below we'll break down how to use these types of print menus. 

Getting Started

To begin click on the Print Your Menu tab. To create a new menu click on the "New Print Menu" button and to edit an existing menu click "Edit & Print" next to the menu you'd like to adjust.

If you have a large number of Taps or Bottles, our “Two Column (PDF)” design option is a great choice. If you have a smaller number of Taps or Bottles, our “List (PDF)” design option is a perfect fit.

Creating a New Print Menu

Select which menu you'd like to create. Use the standard template for a sigle beverage menu like Beer, Spirits, or Cocktails. If you want to create a print menu that combines more types of menu items select "Menu Builder". You can learn more about the Menu Builder option here

You can print any combination of Taps, Bottles, and On Deck. Manage this under Sections in the print settings after you save your menu.

Select the information you'd like to have in your print menu. Adding a description is a great way to help inform your customer about the revolving selection.

The headers and footers area is a great place to add information about happy hour specials, flights etc. 

Quick Printing 

Once you've created the menu you like you can save your print settings for quick printing in the future. The next time you're ready to print just click on the Print Your Menu button on the left to access. 

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