Contactless Menu: QR Code

Create no waste and contactless menus with our Contactless QR codes. All you have to do is create your print menu and you will have access to a QR code that your customers will be able to have an up to date menu at their hand. 

Step 1: Create a Print Menu

Step 2: Click on Contactless Menu

Step 3: Save or print out QR code 

Step 4: Create a Contactless Print menu with our Contactless Flyer menu layout on laminated print menus for reusable use or easily disposable menus.

Step 5: Select which QR code you would like to display


Step 6: Tell customers to open up their camera and point at QR code. A link will pop up at the top for an up to date print menu, website, google menu, Taphunter listing, or online ordering link easily available at their hand.

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