Website and CSS Styling

Once you add your web menu to your website, you may want to style your menu. While the website menu will automatically use the look and feel of your site in most cases, sometimes you may want to customize some aspects to fit better. The website menu can be styled with cascading style sheets (CSS) a standards-based stylesheet language used to change the look and feel of websites.

Changing the text color and size

<style> 	/*change all text color to white */ 	#taphunter, #taphunter a, #taphunter a:visited { color: white; }  	/* change the headers (eg. Draft List) only */ 	#taphunter h3 { color: white; }  	/* change the color of the category headers (eg. Pilsners and Lagers) only */ 	#taphunter .category-header { color: white; }  	/* decrease all font size by 10% */ 	#taphunter { font-size: 90%; } </style>

Removing undesired sections and text

<style> 	/* Remove the IBU */ 	#taphunter .beer-ibu { display: none; }  	/* Remove brewery location and city */ 	#taphunter .brewery-section { display: none; }  	/* Remove icons that signify local, cask and nitro */ 	#taphunter [class^="taphunter-icon-"], #taphunter [class*=" taphunter-icon-"] { display: none; } </style>

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