Website Menu JSON Data Feed

The website menu JSON feed is intended for experienced website developers who want a very high level of control over their beer and beverage website menu. The JSON feed has no styling of its own and is not a turnkey solution for displaying a beer menu on a website, if that's what you're looking for you should be using our website menu.

The JSON data feed can be used in a variety of ways, including putting your menu into your own mobile app or creating a custom website menu for your website. 

Information Included in the JSON Feed

  • Beverage information such as name, style, ABV, IBU, producer name and producer location.
  • Serving information such as serving size(s) and price(s), and tap number.
  • Any information the user have attached to the beer such as descriptions, food pairings and categories.

Limiting the data returned

In some cases where you only need a small subset of your data from our system, you can specify just the data you need and your JSON feed will be much faster. For example, if you are using the JSON feed for your draft list and you don't care about the 150 bottles on your menu you can request just the drafts. To do this, simply append ?types=taps to get just the drafts or ?types=taps|ondeck to get draft and ondeck.