Integration with Wix

Below you will find instructions for integrating your website menu with your Wix website. 


  • In the Evergreen dashboard under website menu, click to edit one of your website menus and copy the website menu code towards the bottom of the page. 
  • In Wix, insert an HTML app (see the screenshot below) and paste in the code you got from our dashboard.

Integrating the TapHunter Widget with Wix


Our website menu is completely customizable with CSS, which a standard language for styling  websites. There are some limitations with Wix which make it difficult for the website menu to adapt to the look and feel of your site automatically without writing some CSS yourself. However, with a minimal amount of CSS, it is possible to have a well integrated website menu. Our team is happy to help you with some customization to integrate your web menu with your Wix site. 

Wix HTML App