POS Settings (auto-updating, applying taxes)

The POS Settings page allows you to control a few different options for the POS that you have connected to Evergreen. 

The settings available are: 

Apply Taxes/Fees: This option will automatically apply any taxes and fees that you have configured in your POS to any items that you add from your dashboard to your POS. 

Auto-Update: This makes it easy to automatically copy new items from your Evergreen dashboard to your POS. This feature is automatically enabled when you connect your POS. 

Prepend Tab Number: Turning this on will automatically add the tap number to the beginning of the item name for any beer that you add to your POS from your dashboard. 

Here's how to get to the POS Settings page to manage these different controls: 

First, go to the POS Settings tab in the left navigation of the dashboard. 

Next, click on the Settings button for the POS that you have connected. If you don't have a POS connected yet, you can learn how Integrate your POS with your dashboard.

This will take you to the settings for that specific POS connection, where you can choose whether to auto update your menu items or not.

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