Integration with Wordpress

Our website menu integrates great with WordPress, so if you have a website built using WordPress you are in luck! Follow the steps below to set up your website menu on your WordPress powered website. Fill out this form to request help with installation, or you can always reach our team at

Installing the WordPress website menu

  • The first thing you need to do is grab the code for your website menu from your Evergreen dashboard. Check out our article on how to build a website menu if you need help finding your web menu code
  • Log into the backend manager for your WordPress site. Click on the "pages" tab and locate the correct page where you'd like your new beverage menu to live. 
  • Click on the "Text" tab to view the HTML for your website. Paste the code you copied from your dashboard in the appropriate spot and scroll the to the top of this page. From here you can either "preview" your changes or "Update" them, to make them live.  

Customizing the WordPress website menu

The website menu is completely customizable with CSS, a standard language for styling websites. The colors and size of the text, background colors and spacing are all customizable. We are happy to help you with this customization, you can email us at