Adding and Promoting Events

Adding your upcoming events in your dashboard allows you promote them using our tools to increase awareness and drive more turnout to every event. 

Adding an Event

To get started, click on the "Events" button in the left navigation of the dashboard: 
(If you don't see an events button, your plan may not include events. If this is the case and you'd like access, please contact our team). 

From there fill out the form below adding a title, start time, date and description of what the events is about. One completed click "Save Event" and your event is now live.

Promoting Your Events

Once you have added in some events there are many different ways that you can promote them, all of the options listed below will automatically update with your latest events as soon as you enter them. You may or may not have access to all of the features mentioned below, if you would like access to a particular feature but don't have it yet please contact our team at:

Website Menu
You can include events to display on your website menu for your own website and your Facebook page. Never have to worry about updating your website with your latest events again. Learn more about website menus

Print Menu
You can list your upcoming events on your printed menus. Always have an up-to-date events list on your printed menus. Learn more about print menus

Digital Menu
You can display up to three of your next upcoming events in the footer section of your digital menu as a promotion. Always keep your events on your customer's minds while they browse your digital menu. Learn more about digital menus

Social Media
You can promote your events by sharing them on social media, and our social post composer makes this easy by including your upcoming events as "suggested posts" so that you don't forget to post about them. Learn more about social media integrations

Tips & Tricks 

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